UTA IMSE Department Award Banquet

The IIE Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Chapter leaders Josie Umoh, Chris Campbell, and Yuan Zhou attended the award banquet held by the Department of Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering (IMSE) at the College Park Center, The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) on the April 26th, 2018. They joined the IMSE faculty members and students, as well as the advisory board members to celebrate the outstanding achievements accomplished by the undergraduate and graduate students in various IE-related fields, including but not limited to, health care and hospital improvement, organic systems improvement, and predication-led policing. Prior to the banquet, the annual IMSE advisory board meeting was held to discuss a number of important topics for continuous improvement of IMSE programs and the development of IE workforce, including enrollment status, curriculum, internship programs, industry outreach, and so on.

  • Written by Vice President Yuan Zhou

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