Good Afternoon IISE DFW!

I am extremely pleased to announce that Chapter 10, Dallas-Fort Worth, was awarded the Chapter Recognition Program Gold Award by the IISE National Team for the South Central Region.

Chapter excellence is judged by a number of factors, including but not limited to quality of programs, membership growth and retention, participation in volunteer leadership development, student chapter support, and strategic planning.

To our board: Yuan Zhou, Josie Umoh, Tamara Wilhite, Shernette Kydd, Isaac Villarreal, and Chris Campbell. Thank you for your hard work planning and executing events and administrative items that are required to keep the chapter running! Organizing the chapter would be an impossible task without your vital efforts.

To our membership, THANK YOU for being active and attentive! There certainly is no chapter without a strong member base, and we have one of the best! This award is a reflection of your activities and participation in our community, and for that I am very thankful.

I look forward to more Gold awards in the coming years!

Brian Strevens
President, IISE Dallas-Fort Worth

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