12-04-2020 Presentation by David Reid of Chick-Fila – Summary

David Reid, IE PE of Chick-Fila and self-described Chicken Engineer, presented to the IISE DFW chapter on 12/4/2020. He credits industrial engineers with the fact that Chick-Fila has the highest profit of any restaurant, 7 million dollars per location per year.

Their continuous process improvements have explained why Chick-Fila has gone from #37 to #3 in total sales in the United States, and this is notable given that they are not open on Sundays. And this is credited to the ISE best practices they follow.

The Top 10 IE Lessons from Chick-Fila

  1. Know your S-curve.

2. Focus your resources: time, talent, energy.

3. Pareto prioritize everything.

4. Understand the value equation.

5. Optimize the whole value stream.

6. Create better problems (smaller, cheaper, more easily solved, fewer).

7. Harness the power of industry 4.0.

8. Deploy lean at the front line.

9. Adopt leader standard work.

10. Go agile.

Thank you, Mr. Reid, for speaking to the IISE DFW chapter.

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