Highlights of the 02/23/2021 IISE DFW Joint Professional and Student Chapter Meeting

Doctor Componation spoke about the evolution of the industrial engineering profession.

The professional chapter gave out the outstanding student awards with attendant scholarships. Congratulations to Kara Annis and Abigail Werner.

The IISE DFW chapter will be sponsoring two students to attend the national conference in May.

Biplap Bhattachary spoke. You can hear it when we upload the webinar to IISE Connect and the IISE DFW Google Drive.

Then we had a several professional members speak to students about what it is like to work out in the field.

There are several upcoming events for IISE UTA student chapter members.

Meet the Orgs is Wednesday, 2/24 from 11-1. That is through MavOrgs.

The IISE DFW professional chapter will be holding an Excel skills workshop Wednesday March 3rd 1-3 on Zoom.

You can view the full webinar from the IISE Connect Dallas-Fort Worth Community. It is saved as a library item named:
Feb 2021 IISE DFW – UT Arlington Student Chapter Joint Meeting

It is also available through the IISE DFW Google drive at:
It is in a folder of the same name: Feb 2021 IISE DFW – UT Arlington Student Chapter Joint Meeting

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