IISE DFW Webinar:

The Future of the Digital Industrial and Systems Engineer

Monday November 28, 2022

Join us for a webinar focusing on The Future of the Digital Industrial and Systems Engineer presented by Dr. Ben Amaba.

Date: Monday, November 28, 2022
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm CST
Where: Join Zoom Meeting
              Meeting ID: 840 7698 1921
              Passcode: 547699

Click here to view the event details on IISE Connect and download to your calendar.

    Many systems today are enhanced and modified digitally while being integrated into physical systems in our world. Digital modernization with software, data, analytics, IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI) is embedded through sensors and actuators with Edge Computing, but digital transformations could be more successful. Technology is changing how we design, collect, analyze, operate, maintain, and decommission our legacy systems. Not only are digital systems and tools impacting our end products, the design and implementations are changing and at risk. Change warrants the way we should be accountable to protect the public’s welfare, security, health, safety, and environment (HSSE). ISEs are becoming the profession of choice for these quantitative, digital systems. The road to digitization is accelerating with globalization, COVID 19, supply chain challenges, new workforce design, and economics. The basic principles, methods, and laws that ISEs professional engineers are being presented a unique opportunity. The public looks to the profession to guide them. Accidents and fatalities have already occurred with improper fundamentals outside of the ISE Professional Engineers purview and oversight. We must incorporate and govern technology as we have did using classic engineering methodologies where ISEs orchestrate the physical, mathematical, and social science fundamental laws and not ignore that the systems will continue to be technology enabled. 

    Dr. Ben Amaba has been working in industry and technology for 35 years. He has been awarded Fellow for Industrial and Systems Engineering and serves as a Director for the National Society of Professional Engineers. He served as the Global Chief Technology Officer for IBM,’s Industrial Sector making him responsible for automation, data analytics, and artificial intelligence solutions. Dr. Amaba earned his BS in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s in Engineering/Industrial Management, and a Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Miami.

    Dr. Amaba is a registered and licensed Professional Engineer in several states with International Registry; certified in Production, Operations, and Inventory Management by APICS ®; LEED® Accredited Professional (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design); and certified in Corporate Strategy by Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

    Dr. Amaba holds a copyright for Process Activity Flow Framework® and Patent for Energy Optimization in 5G-RAN Moderation. Dr. Amaba is prominently featured in “Giving 2.0,” by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen with Stanford Business School, which details contributions to bolster and promote STEM education and careers, and is an Alexis de Tocqueville Society/United Way Member, which recognizes local philanthropic leaders.

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