Upcoming DFW IISE Webinar

23 March, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm CST – DFW IISE Webinar – Low Code / No Code Technologies.

DFW IISE Chapter places its focus on low code no code technologies this March 2023 to encourage the Industrial Engineering community explore becoming citizen developers.

Citizen developers are business users or non IT professionals with little to no coding experience that build applications with IT-approved technology. 

Citizen developers building applications are an answer to the increasing backlogs in IT departments to cater to requirements of business. 

Low Code / No Code platforms bring flexibility and agility in organizations to decentralize application development ensuring IT teams do not end up becoming the new bottlenecks.

Speaker: “UV Subba Rao” is Director of Manufacturing Industries Cloud at Siemens Digital industries software with 25 years of deep experience in manufacturing business transformation using technology. He today leads the tactical and strategic initiatives as thought leader and industry evangelist for smart manufacturing technologies and low code platforms. He has an MBA degree from Michigan State University – Eli Broad, a Masters degree in software systems and a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Moderator: Nikhil Joshi is an Entrepreneur and Industrial Engineer leading the professional development activities of the DFW IISE Chapter. He is the founder & CEO of SNic Solutions, a multi-national company that implements digital transformation technologies in manufacturing organization.

To Register: Low Code / No Code Technologies Registration

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