02/18/2020 IISE DFW Professional – Student Chapter Joint Meeting

The joint IISE DFW professional and student chapter meeting  at UTA on 02/18/2020 started with scholarship awards.

The IISE scholarship for outstanding junior went to Steven John Varghese.

The IISE scholarship for outstanding senior went to Cera Sneed.

A presentation on the Lean Green Belt and Six Sigma Green Belt certifications offered via the IISE at UTA were presented. The fees for this go to the student chapter and help pay 80-100% of their attendance costs for the national IISE conference.

UTA IE / IMSE students were told about the benefits of joining the IISE and that we had mentors available.

Dr. Mentz discussed the software and programming courses available to students at UTA and future options available.

We concluded with a professional panel answering questions from students; there was an emphasis on career advice.

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