05/14/2020 IISE DFW Professional Meeting Minutes

05/14/2020 IISE Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter 10 Meeting Minutes for the Executive Board


  • Yuan Zhou
  • Brian Strevens
  • Isaac Villarreal
  • Tamara Wilhite
  • Chris Campbell
  • Shernette Kydd
  • Josie Umoh

Called to Order: 5:30


  1. COVID Impact Event

Isaac Villareal proposed an hour or so meeting where various speakers discuss how the COVID virus has affected their industry. Isaac volunteered to be the speaker at the first such event.

There was discussion of including Doctor Eric Jones in a future such meeting.

Task: Shernette R. Kydd would talk to Dr. Jones about speaking.

Status:  He is willing to participate and will give dates, but he is projecting 30 days out.  He can cover a full hour session, but we can turn it into a covid 19 supply chain event.  I might be able to get our Supply Chain AVP also.  He has requested an honorarium (donation) to his lab.  $500 for 2 students, total $1000.


  1. RFID Webinar


Shernette Kidd is talking to an RFID company CEO to give a talk on this subject.


  1. Excel Webinar


This is a topic found to be of interest and need from the joint student-professional meeting several months ago. Brian Strevens will give this lecture, likely in the next two to three weeks.


  1. IISE Job Opportunities


Shernette has created a job requisition form that can be used to collect and add job postings to the members only section of the website. This is independent of the IISE Career Center.

Tamara needs to set up a members-only section for job listings.

Tamara will work with Brian to create an email and send it out soliciting job postings to be put on the IISE website.

Discussed the value of using IISE members as professional references and connecting with mentors.


  1. Membership Roster


Chris Campbell says we’ve hit 187 members, up from 178 at last count.

Chris provided updated list to be used for mailing list.

Tamara will update the IISE DFW email list.


  1. Finances


Member rebate check of roughly a thousand dollars has been received by treasurer, will be deposited in bank account in the next few days.


  1. Roundtable


Most of the IISE DFW officers are employed, but several are in a holding pattern waiting for their respective industries to re-open.

Discussion about showcasing UTA professors working on COVID solutions.


Adjournment: 6:30

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